Top 5 Phone Apps That Every Woman Needs in 2019

Hey ladies! Today, I'll be sharing the top 5 phone apps that I believe will make your life more happy, fulfilling and joyful! 

You are the hero of your life. And every hero deserves the tools that will help them take on any challenge possible. That's why I compiled a set of apps that I know will help you feel more in charge of your life! 

And guys out there... you can apply these apps to your lives too! 

In this post, I talk about my favorite phone apps that help me optimize, organize and enhance my everyday life.  coconut whisk vegan living

Top 5 Phone Apps That Every Woman Needs in 2019: 

  1. My Wonderful Days

This is my journaling app that I write on every single morning. And sometimes even at night, when life gets too crazy for my brain to process. I tried the whole pen and paper thing but it’s really not my jam. It works for some, but I prefer typing. I have this app on my Mini iPad with a keyboard attachment and it’s my journaling of choice. I’ve used this app for 4+ years now and it’s reliable, secure and straightforward. I give this a 10/10.

2. My Flo

This app is the bee’s knees. Disclaimer: I’m going to get real personal, real quick here. So if you’re one of my lady friends reading this, I need you to check this out. It was about $3 I think in the app store, but it’s #priceless. This app keeps track of your cycle and gives you recommendation on food, lifestyle choices, exercise etc etc, based on which phase you’re in on your cycle. I can write a whole article about this, but in short, in an attempt to balance my hormones and connect with my body again, I bought this app to help and it’s been doing just that. I feel more aligned and aware of myself and it's helped me regulate my period and clear my skin after years of struggling with it. I recommend reading the book WomanCode by Alisa Vitti since it compliments with this app. 

3. My Sleep Cycle

This is another health app that is pure genius. I have the free version but it’s pretty much like an Einstein alarm clock on your phone. It tracks your sleep using the microphone by detecting sounds made by your movements and then the app wakes you up at the perfect time. For example, if I need to wake up by 5, the clock will wake me up between 4:30 and 5 am. It’ll find the best point in that time span to wake me up at. I know, genius right?

4. Simply Being

This app is the most straightforward meditation app. It doesn’t have the most option but it gets to the point. You choose the time and background music and then the sweet lady voice helps you get grounded and clear. I’ve tried other apps before but the features on them get too messy and confusing so this simple mediation app is my favorite by far.

5. TheSkimm 

Okay, I recently got this app but after seeing an interview of the founders with Marie Forleo, I was curious and then soon after, HOOKED! It’s an app that makes current news less rigid, boring, and time-consuming. In a few minutes, you can be updated on the current happenings of the world. I had a period where I was slacking in keeping up with current news (it’s just sad stuff ya know?) but as a global citizen, it’s our duty to know what’s happening so that we can make the appropriate changes. We can’t afford to live in a bubble, we need to face what’s happening in the world and then do our part in creating a better one.

6. Acorn 

For all those who are trying to save up for the next purchase or vacation, this app can help you do just that. Acorn is an investment app that makes if seamless for your to save your money. It does this by linking to your account and with every purchase you make, let's say you bought a coffee for $4.70, Acorn will round it up to the nearest dollar and pull that $.30 out to invest it into your account. It puts it in a portfolio that gains dividends and the more you save, the more return you get. This is a safe way to save AND grow your money! 

And on that lovely and intense note, that’s a wrap for my top 6 apps at the moment. Most are free, but these are all worth having in your tool belt. Again, I wouldn’t be sharing this with you if it weren’t.

What are some apps that you use and adore? Let me know in the comments!

with gratitude, 

Bella & Team Coconut Whisk