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    Vegan & Gluten-free Mini Chocolate Cakes

    Enjoy this sweet treat that's been created for sharing! 

    Grab a Coconut Whisk Chocolate Muffin Mix and you're good to go!

    - 1 Coconut Whisk Chocolate Muffin Mix
    - plant-based milk
    - liquid sweetener (maple syrup or agave etc)
    - vanilla extract is optional 

    - Powdered Sugar
    - 2 tsp vanilla extract
    - 3 tbsp semi-melted coconut oil
    - 2-4 tbsp milk (depends on your thickness preference)
    - optional- use a few drops of food coloring 

    1. Follow the direction on mix package
    2. Combine all icing ingredients in a large bowl; add milk little by little
    3. Using a rubber spatula (or with a hand mixer), mix until icing forms and lumps are gone
    4. Using a spoon, drizzle icing on top of muffin from the center
    5. Stack or enjoy them one by one! 

    eat well and love lots,
    Bella + Team Coconut Whisk