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4 Tips for Making the Best Vegan Cookie Mix

The allure of a good homemade cookie is ingrained into most of our lives at a young age. Whether it’s the smell the baking process emits that fills in the whole house, or that first really delicious homemade cookie you had, warm and gooey and washed down with a cold glass of milk, a good homemade cookie holds a special place in the heart of most people. However, when it comes to making your own homemade cookie, that process doesn’t always have such a happy ending. Anyone who has baked cookies has also baked bad cookies. Whether they are dry or a little burnt, or just don’t have enough of the right ingredient, baking a delicious cookie at home is very much easier said than done.

And for those of us who have developed dietary restrictions, like a vegan or gluten-free diet, it can be even harder. The challenge of living a vegan lifestyle can be challenging enough, but making a good homemade vegan cookie mix? That can be one of the hardest things. Luckily, that’s where Coconut Whisk comes in. We can’t go to your home and bake homemade cookies for you, but we can make it much much easier to do it yourself. Our vegan cookie mixes are delicious and incredibly easy to make, only requiring oil and/or water, so you can create delicious vegan cookie masterpieces — ones that your vegan and non-vegan friend alike will enjoy. But if you are still committed to striving for that perfect homemade vegan cookie, keep reading these tips to learn how.

Consider Baking Times

During our childhood, we have all been probably told harshly to not eat raw cookie dough batter, as it has raw eggs in it. This might have led to a future and constant concern on fully baking your cookie, not to mention the inconsistency in baking times and temperatures that seem to change in every different iteration of the same recipe. Everyone has a different oven, a selection of different brand ingredients, and even different climate environments, and all can have an effect on the best baking time. One thing is for sure though: you do not want to overbake your vegan cookies. It might feel weird to consider underbaking your cookies, but there are no raw eggs to consider, and even when you take them out, they continue to residually bake on the pan, leaving you with a crunchier outside and a gooey center. Most recipes have you baking at somewhere in the range of 325-350 degrees, for around 12 minutes. Consider baking at the lower temperature end, and then pulling them out and letting them cool and harden on the baking sheet.

Don’t Overdue the Mixing

This might sound like a weird one, especially for all the overachievers out there, but there is such a thing as overmixing your vegan cookie mix. A vegan cookie mix is a fairly delicate mix of intricate ingredients and rising agents, and while you might like to mix the hell out of it until every last streak of flour or gluten-free flour substitute is gone, this can lead to tough cookies that have a pasty theme in their taste. Just mix the batter together until there are almost no individually discernable ingredients, and then gently fold the dough into itself to mix in the rest. Be sure to handle the dough as gently as possible throughout all steps.

Chill/Freeze Your Dough

It might feel weird to put something you just made in the moment using fresh ingredients, into the freezer for later baking. Or it might annoy you when recipes call for that because you want to bake cookies then, not waiting an hour or two while the dough sits in the fridge. Whatever your hesitancy might be about chilling your vegan cookie mix, push them out of your mind. The cold dough provides a bit of a better barrier that traps in the moisture, as well as helping them stay plump in size as they cook. And this is especially important for vegan cookie mixes.

Try Coconut Whisk

Yeah, okay, this one is cheating a little. But at Coconut Whisk, we have a great selection of vegan cookie mixes that are incredibly easy, with minimal cleanup, no artificial ingredients, and an absolutely delicious taste. It might not be homemade in the traditional, from-scratch sense you were hoping for, but it sure will taste like it. We have the classic Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, as well as the Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix, both nostalgic classics which you can have right in your home, in a delicious vegan-form. 

Vegan Cookies Mixes at Coconut Whisk

A tasty vegan cookie mix is something that a lot of us vegans are looking for in life. Whether you follow the tips on this blog or would like to browse our selection of vegan baking recipes, our team at Coconut Whisk wants to provide you with the best and most delicious vegan baked goods. Contact us today, and cheers to fresh-baked cookies!

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