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Caramel Apple Pancakes (Vegan and Allergen Friendly!) - The Imperfectly Beautiful Blog


Sara / September 18, 2018

Change has come to Minnesota, as the cooler temps have blown in, the leaves are changing color, the scents are bringing us to a place of nostalgia, and we are ready to cozy in!

vegan and gluten free pancakes

I have partnered with Coconut Whisk to bring you some fun, flavorful recipes using their vegan and allergen-friendly baking mixes. There is also great news- they are offering nationwide shipping as of September 19, 2018! Also with that, if you use the code “Beautiful” you will receive 15% off your order! We may be in a partnership, but everything is my true and honest opinion. If you want to know more about discovering my son’s food allergies, or more about this company, you can click here.

This month I had the privilege of working with their pancake and waffle mix. This product is (ready for this?) dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and my list could go on. I myself am gluten-free, and my son has a dairy and egg allergy. These pancakes are right up our alley.

coconut whisk

Have you every tried gluten-free pancake mixes before? Dry. Crumbly. Stiff. Gross. Not these. Fluffy as can be. I literally couldn’t believe it!

vegan pancakes

Have you ever tried flax-egg pancakes? Gross. My 6-year-old wouldn’t touch them, and my poor little 2-year-old with the allergies didn’t know any different. This mix is flavorful, perfect texture, and delicious.

Since September is the month of all things apple, I decided I was going to play with this mix and create a vegan, upside-down, caramel apple pancake.

It was everything I could have hoped for- and fits all of our special dietary needs! We don’t have to sacrifice the foods we love to stick to what our bodies need!

Before you get started on the delectable pancakes, you’ll need to plan ahead!

I’ve made this vegan/paleo caramel a couple of times, and it’s really good! You can find it here. For this recipe, I omitted the salt.

Another note, both times I’ve made it, it’s taken the mixture much longer to condense. This batch took one hour and fifteen minutes. Worth it.

(I may have made a caramel macchiato coffee with this at some point!)

To start off, slice the apples thinly- I used my mandolin slicer. I heated the cast iron pan, with a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil.  Let the apple rings sizzle for about 90 seconds. Flip. 90 more seconds, Flip once again and pour that batter.

The batter is simple- a little almond milk, a little applesauce, and some spices that will make your senses dance.

Let them bubble, turn nice and golden, then flip. Cook until they are golden on both sides.

Then it’s time for the syrup. Oh this syrup! Not to mention,  there is no refined sugar! Equal parts real maple syrup and vegan caramel sauce make the icing on the cake.

They looked so good. Now the real test. What does this little boss think?

It was a hit! I’m so thankful that I can give my son an allergen-friendly, clean, DELICIOUS breakfast option. He finished off his plate, and topped the meal off with his “coffee” (water in a mug).


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