• GINGERBREAD HOUSE COMPETITION: Get together with your friend group and bring out your gingerbread making skills to the table. This is a great activity to bond with your loved ones while showcasing your creativeness to everyone. 
  • ICE SKATING: What a better way to get in the cold vibez than going ice skating with your family and friends. This is an excellent way to get to movement while being in the holiday mood with Christmas lights glimmering and fake snow around. 
  • CHRISTMAS LIGHTS WATCHING: Want to get in the Christmas spirit? Go for a drive with your friends down the rich neighborhood with Christmas music blasting while you watch how beautiful the lights glimmer by. 


  • FRIENDSMAS: Gather your loved ones for a Christmas dinner and fill the house with the smell of some warm Christmas cookies. Make some hot chocolate and top off the cozy vibes with your favorite Christmas movie. 
  • SNOW TRIP: What a better way to do some fun winter activity than a weekend in the snow with your friends. Experience some skiing activity in the snow and some hot cocoa afterwards. 
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