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How We're Giving Back During This COVID-19 Crisis

To put it bluntly, it's crazy times right now... So together, can we just breathe?



How are you?

We're doing alright over here. After posting about our initiative on helping families who are negatively impacted by school closures, we've seen a tremendous about of requests, support, and orders. It was so unexpected and pretty emotional, to say the least. We've had single moms reach out sharing her story of struggle, we've had strangers Venmo us so that they can help sponsor a family, we've had over 500+ shares and someone even got a tag going for @theellenshow.

My heart is SO full but to be transparent, it's also overwhelmed and I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. But despite it all, I truly found my purpose. This was the first time (in a loong time) that I really felt connected to my calling & business. To continue to run this mission-driven business and share my fruits of labor is what I'm meant to do in this life. To have once been someone who was on free lunch programs-- to now being able to provide for families in those tough situations... it leaves me breathless. I know it's just pancake & waffle mixes but I hope the receiver feels more than that. I hope that when they get the package, they feel loved and cared for. I hope they understand that their current situation is NOT their entire story, that it's only a chapter. And that there is someone out there (it me) who's cheering them on. *imagine an obnoxious dance mom in the crowded stands 

Love & human connection. That's all that matters.

 In this time of scarcity and fear, instead of succumbing to that, I challenged myself and our company to be a light. To serve & give where we can. So I hope my message to you today can be a small reminder of that.

In what seems like really uncontrollable times, let's focus on what we can control. Our reaction, our proactiveness, kindness towards others, proper hygiene practices and self-care.

with extra love,

Bella & Team Coconut 

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