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#CEODIARY: New Packaging + Brand Reveal!

Hey, friend! Bella here! Today I'm sharing with you the journey of our packaging and then a big reveal at the end! 

If you've been with us since the beginning, you know that we started Coconut Whisk in a tiny studio apartment during our last semester of college, in the Spring of 2018. 

And if you can recall, we had kraft packaging with home-printed stickers that we used for labeling. Oh, those were the good days. Actually, I take that back.. because they really were the toughest. I remember Myles and I hand measuring each baking mix separately. Like teaspoon by teaspoon, bag by bag.  We were so proud of it but wow, looking back it was quite ridiculous and time-consuming to say the least. But now, we're cranking hundreds at a time in our commercial kitchen space in St. Paul, Minnesota. A major improvement!

(first gen)

Then came our second generation packaging, it was clean, pastel and minimal. This was the version of our packaging that helped us gain traction, notoriety, earned press and lots of super fans. We're mega grateful but we knew that there was room for improvement.

(second gen)


So then in early Spring of 2019, we started our design process for our new packaging design. It took us some time to find a design agency but when Allison from Macleod & Co. reached out to us wanting to work together, it was divine timing. With the help of their Senior Designer, Colin, we were ready to tackle this major project. 

It started with lots of brainstorming, research and creative ideas..

We knew right away that we wanted our new look to be inviting, empowering, fun, vibrant, bold and full of optimism.

We wanted this new rebrand to embody Coconut Whisk’s true personality. Pastel is great but we wanted more, we wanted to showcase that we’re a company that's truly on a MISSION. We wanted this new look to be something YOU’VE NEVER seen on the shelves before.

We wanted the theme of this new look to be Fresh with a capital F. And we also wanted to showcase our beloved products so we knew that photography had to be involved. It had to be whimsical but something that everyone can resonate with.

We went with bold, bright colors and fun art illustrations because this is something that could resonate with literally anyone. Have you every met someone who didn't like fun illustrations? Yeah, us either.

I also took time to reflect on how I wanted our customers to FEEL when they were making our products. Since baking is so important to me, I wanted the experience to be exceptional for our customer as well. 

A little background about what baking means to me: 

Baking was one of my absolute favorite childhood memories. When I moved to the United States when I was younger, one of my earliest memories was flipping pancakes & making cookies with my native-born cousin. I was fascinated and so hooked. I didn't feel like I quite fit in anywhere growing up as a foreign-born citizen, but I always felt at home in the kitchen.  So when customers are baking with our Coconut Whisk products, I want them to feel the exact same warmth, joy, giddiness and comfort that I used to feel growing up while baking. 

I believe that baking is a form of healing. It's my favorite way to treat myself, unwind and relieve stress. With how crazy life can get, we all deserve a few minutes of bliss in the kitchen. 

Lastly, baking is something that involves all of our senses. The act of creating something with your hands and then enjoying the end result is satisfaction at it's finest. My goal for our customers is that they get to be transformed into an experience that leaves them feeling inspired, content and simply.... happy.  


After months and countless emails and revisions and late nights and a lot of hard work from the Macleoud & Co Team, we’re so excited to finally reveal what we’ve been creating for you!


You're looking at the 1st Baking Mix Powered By Coconut Sugar who's still proudly vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and we never use any artificial ingredients, GMOs or preservatives. 

And the best part? Our packaging is 100% recyclable!! 

So drumroll please...

Ready to see it?






When Myles and I saw our packaging for the FIRST TIME in real life. We were holding it in our hands and it was a big ole' HELL YES. This was it. Our vision came to life and it was the most incredible feeling.

Colin, our designer, is truly such a talent to the world and gift to us. His devotion to this project is incredible and we’re so grateful to have him and the team at Macleod. 

To us, 

This rebrand is everything that represents Coconut Whisk. Inclusive. Nurturing. Positive.

We wanted our packaging to paint this harmonious world.

We wanted to give anyone who holds our products, the feeling of hope.

Despite the world having many problems and issues that can divide us.

We know that food is a common thread that can unite us all.. 

So our mission is to bring people together around good food… and inspire them in the process. 

We're so excited to have packaging that aligns exactly with what we're all about-- love, impact and community. I hope YOU are just as happy with this new look as we are! 

Let's continue to help make the world a better place… one vegan meal at a time. 

Thanks for joining in! And Cheers! 




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