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Other Ways to Use Your Vegan Pancake Mix

A good fluffy pancake is something that any breakfast enthusiast strives for. When we make our batter and get the griddle going, we like to imagine the large stack of thick and golden pancakes we are about to create, like the ones we see in commercials or on the box. But in reality, making pancakes that look that good, and taste like it, is much harder said than done. And for those of us with dietary restrictions, making vegan pancakes or gluten-free pancakes that evoke the thick, golden, breaded goodness is even harder. 

Luckily, Coconut Whisk has an amazing vegan pancake and waffle mix that give you the ability to create some pretty delicious vegan pancakes, as well as a variety of other vegan baking mixes. But even with a great vegan pancake and waffle mix like ours, there is still a lot of delicate work to be done in order to craft the perfect stack of pancakes. If you aren’t in the mood for the delicate pursuit of vegan pancake perfection, that is totally understandable. But if you are still hungry, that doesn’t mean you can’t use our vegan pancake and waffle mix for some other type of food. Our vegan pancake and waffle batter is perfect for a variety of different food types, so keep reading to learn the other ways you can use it!

Vegan Corn Dogs Using Pancake Mix

For those of you who have pursued a vegan or gluten-free diet, you might miss the taste of a good ol’ fashioned American corn dog. Or if you have never had one, you have probably always wanted to try a vegan/gluten-free version of a corn dog. With the vegan pancake and waffle mix from Coconut Whisk, you can make some incredible vegan corn dogs right in your own home. We wrote a blog about this very recipe here, so follow that link to get a full breakdown of the recipe, but in essence, all you need is some plant-based milk substitute, thin popsicle sticks, and some of your favorite vegan dogs! The vegan and gluten-free pancake batter will cover the dog with the fluffy golden breading that you expect from a delicious corn dog.

Vegan Casserole or Pie using Pancake Mix

Another way you might be able to use your vegan and gluten-free pancake mix for a savory dish is a vegan casserole or vegetable pie. For a good pie crust or casserole breading that is tasty, and also vegan and gluten-free, our vegan pancake and waffle mix is the perfect taste and consistency. If you mix up the pancake mix as if you were going to make pancakes, and then pour it into your non-stick pie dish, you can fill the pie with a variety of delicious ingredients, like different vegetables, spices, and cream substitutes. After a bake in the oven, you can make a delicious vegan and gluten free pot pie, with the secret ingredient being our vegan pancake and waffle mix as the crust!

Vegan Muffins Using Pancake Mix

If you are still looking to go the sweet route that a good vegan pancake can satiate, why not try vegan muffins? Using the same batter and whatever flavoring or ingredients you want to add, you can bake some delicious homemade vegan muffins with our vegan pancake and waffle mix. With some simple addition of your favorite milk, sugar, and oil substitutes, you can create a delicious and fluffy foundation for your muffin mix. After that, the world of taste is your oyster! Put some vegan and gluten-free chocolate powder in to make chocolate vegan muffins, or add some fresh blueberries for blueberry muffins! The choices are endless, and no matter what you pursue, it will all be held together with a delicious vegan pancake mix base!


Vegan Pancake and Waffle Mix from Coconut Whisk

As you can see from our list and the graphic, there are a variety of ways you can utilize the vegan pancake and waffle mix we offer at Coconut Whisk. Whether it’s a total taste bud pivot towards a more savory dish like corn dogs or pot pie, or just another attempt at a sweet pasty like muffins, our vegan pancake and waffle mix is perfect for any vegan or gluten-free individual looking to make something a little more creative and less delicate than perfect pancakes. Check out our collection of incredible vegan baking mixes here, or contact us today to learn more!
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