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Vegan + Gluten-free Tofu Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Author: Bella Lam || Total time: 20 minutes Makes 1 Sandwich   Ingredients:  1 tofu block 2 tsp oil 1 chopped garlic clove 1/4 c onion  1/2 tsp Salt + 1/4 tsp pepper Dash of paprika   Turmeric 1/4 Coconut Whisk Pancake/Waffle Mix  Handful of Spinach  **Optional: hash brown, tomatoes and cilantro  How to:  To make waffles, follow package instructions. Set waffles aside to cool.  Cook garlic and onion in oil. Add entire tofu block Season with turmeric, paprika, salt and pepper. Add spinach and cook until wilted Add tofu between two waffle slices and serve with hashbrowns, tomatoes, cilantro and more spinach on top (if desired).  Enjoy!  Screenshot, make the recipe and share with us by tagging @coconutwhisk on Instagram!
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