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Why We Named Our Company Coconut Whisk

"Where did you get the name Coconut Whisk?"

We actually get this question often and today we're answering it for you!

When we were in our ideation phase for our business, we wanted a name that would be easy to remember, heritage-inspired, fun, and most importantly, one that represented our values. And we believe Coconut Whisk represented all of that. ⁠

1. Coconut, in many cultures, represents "all giving tree". We took this to heart and proudly ingrained it into our company's core and identity. As a mission-driven company, being a generous contributor to causes we care about is the cornerstone value.⁠

2. We're The First Baking Mix Powered By Coconut Sugar. Early on, we discovered that Coconut Sugar has a distinct caramel-like taste that enhances all of our products and takes the flavor profile to another dimension. Plus, it's the low glycemic index, nutritious, unrefined, and overall a better sugar alternative. ⁠ The UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization called sugar the world’s “most sustainable sweetener.” Coconut Sugar delivers rich nutrients like B vitamins and minerals, including phosphorous, potassium, protein, magnesium, and calcium.

3. Coconut is a sustainable, multi-functional queen. Now, that's something we can stand behind! It can be used as food, hair treatment, skin moisturizer, water, oil, fibers, and the list goes on. 

4. Coconut is a Southeast Asian Culinary Staple. Some of my fondest memories growing up in Vietnam involved the sweet taste of coconut. My absolute favorite dessert was Chè, a traditional Vietnamese sweet beverage, dessert soup, or pudding made with coconut cream. To me, a coconut reminds me of home, family, and sometimes a sweet tropical vacay. It's part of my story and it's exciting to be combining the familiar taste of coconut to baking mixes.

What's your favorite thing about this superfood? We want to hear em' below!

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