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Do you have a party to plan?

Want to make sure that everyone can enjoy a treat?

We can help you sweeten up the party :)

With Coconut Whisk, you never have to worry about guests being left out due to diet restrictions, allergies or food sensitivities. Everyone can join in on the fun!

We never use animal products, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, nuts, GMOs, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

We currently have three options for catering: 

1. The Basic Cookie Package Order ready-to-eat cookies in increments of 50+ and we will deliver them to your specified location. 

2. Coconut Whisk Cookie Package. This includes full-service* catering (fresh cookies, clean table design, display rental, delivery, table set up and pick up the next day) 

3. The Pancake or Waffle Bar. This includes full-service* catering (fresh pancakes or waffle made on a hot griddle, 5 toppings, staff, clean table design, display rental, delivery, table set up and tear down.)

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Additional information: 

  • Cookies flavors include Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snickerdoodles, and Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  • Indoor events preferred

  • Perfect for corporate events, workshops, graduation parties, bridal showers and more! 
  • Limited to Minneapolis/St.Paul and surrounding areas only (MN-based)

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