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4 More Delicious Ways To Use Your Coconut Whisk Vegan Pancake Mix

At Coconut Whisk, we create vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free baking mixes that allow you to create tons of different flavor combinations that fit your diet. Our pancake and waffle mix is the first baking mix powered by coconut sugar and is 100% natural. We love getting creative with our mixes and are constantly trying new things to see what we can create. Here are four things that we love to do with our pancake mix! Check out our pancake mix and other products.

 Pancakes with berries on top

Different Flavor Combinations

As simple as it is, we love to create different flavor combinations with our pancake mix! Being made with coconut sugar, our pancake mix goes great with pineapple and bananas. You could also add a little cinnamon and syrup on top of your pancakes for a great cinnamon flavor to start your day, or add some chocolate chips to mix it up. No matter what you are craving, our vegan pancake mix goes great with a ton of different flavors.

Crepes with bananas and chocolate sauce


A more ambitious project, our pancake mix can also be used to make crepes. Whether you're making dessert or dinner crepes, our pancake mix is a great option to make vegan gluten-free crepes! Just make sure your batter is spread out evenly to prevent burning and your pan is greased very well to prevent sticking. 

Blueberry muffins


Our pancake mix can also be used to create any kind of muffin you might want to bake! Just add water and bake to create fluffy blueberry, cranberry, or any other kind of muffin you may be craving. Our pancake mix makes it easy to bake for guests or yourself!

Bundt cake

Bundt Cake

If you want to make a unique dessert for guests or date night, our vegan pancake mix can be used to make great bundt cakes. Just add water, throw the batter into your bundt cake pan, and bake, and then you’ve got a great dessert to share with others!

All of these baked goods can be modified with fruit or other additions to give them the flavor profile you are looking for. Shop our pancake and waffle mix today!

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