Here are some common questions we get! 

Q: What kind of flour does Coconut Whisk use?
A: We use chickpea and brown rice flour for all our products.

Q: How long does it take to make the mixes?
A: It depends. On average, it takes less than 20 minutes to make any of our mixes. We're here to help you create positive experiences in the kitchen in a timely manner!

Q: Why is it priced the way it is?
A: We believe in quality and source from the best. With every purchase, we also donate a portion of it to animals and kids in need. 

Q: Do you recommend someone with severe food allergies eating Coconut Whisk products?
A: We have high standards when it comes to producing in allergen safe environments. We work out of a certified peanut & gluten free facility called GIA Kitchen in St. Paul, MN. However, we do not guarantee non-contact and possible contamination due to our sourcing chain and other variables. We hope to partner with a Top 8 Allergen co-packer in the near future : ) Be sure to stay in the loop for when that happens! 

Q: Are your products non-GMO?
A: Yes, we source our ingredients from a certified non-GMO mill. 

Q: How do you make the mug cakes?
A: Put the mix in a microwavable mug, pour in some plant-based milk and pop it in the microwave then ENJOY! 

Q: How many cookies does each packet make?
A: About 16-18 small-medium cookies if using a teaspoon.

Q: How many pancakes does each mix make?
A: About 8-10  4 inch pancakes 

Q: How many muffins? 
A: 6 regular tins or about 16 mini's 

Q: Can I use something else besides coconut oil
A: We highly recommend coconut oil but feel free to experiment at your own risk :P

Q: Do you guys donate to charity?
A: Yes, we work with various organizations that support animals and kids in need like Last Hope, EB Research and The Sheridan Story.  


Can't find your question? No worries! Email us at hello@coconutwhisk.com and someone will help you within 24 hours!