Here are some common questions we get! 

    Q: What kind of flour does Coconut Whisk use?
    A: We mainly use chickpea and brown rice flour for all our products.

    Q: Can I use something else besides coconut oil
    A: YES! You can use coconut oil (our favorite) or any cooking oil like canola.

    Q: How long does it take to make the mixes?
    A: It depends. On average, it takes less than 20 minutes to make any of our mixes. We're here to help you create positive experiences in the kitchen in a timely manner!

    Q: Do you recommend someone with severe food allergies eating Coconut Whisk products?
    A: We have high standards when it comes to producing in an allergen safe environment. We work out of a certified peanut & gluten-free facility called GIA Kitchen in St. Paul, MN. However, we do not guarantee non-contact and possible contamination due to our sourcing chain and usage of shared equipment. We'll continue to work on refining our process moving forward. Please consume at your own risk, especially if you have severe allergies!

    Q: Are your products non-GMO?
    A: Yes, we source our ingredients from a certified non-GMO mill. 

    Q: How do you make the mug cakes?
    A: Put the mix in a microwavable mug, pour in some plant-based milk and pop it in the microwave then ENJOY! 

    Q: How many cookies does each packet make?
    A: About 16-18 small/medium cookies if using a teaspoon. Or you can make a dozen larger cookies. 

    Q: How many pancakes does each mix make?
    A: About 8-10,  4-inch pancakes! Perfect for a family of 4 or two very hungry people!

    Q: How many muffins does each mix make? 
    A: 6 muffins when using regular tins or about 16 mini ones if using mini tins. 

    Q: What's the Happiness Guarantee?

    A: If you’re not satisfied with the end product or if something went wrong while baking, email us within 14 days of receiving your order and we’ll send you a brand new product!

    Q: What's your social mission all about? How do we know that you're legit?
    A: Love this question! As of June 2019, we're exclusively partnering with Food For LifeGlobal, the largest vegan hunger relief in the world, and their new program called FeedOm. Through this, we'll be matching every Coconut Whisk purchase with one vegan meal for an animal and kid in need. The best part is that we'll get reportable data when we donate every month to share with our community.We're certified and now can guarantee our customers that they've made a measurable and positive impact through their purchases. We're not another company that has a vague social promise. We want to show you exactly what we do and exactly how each purchase contributes. 

    "Cheers to making this world a better place... one vegan meal at a time."

    Can't find your question? No worries! Email us at and someone will help you within 24 hours!