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    "Cheers to making this world a better place... one vegan meal at a time."
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    Product Information

    Yes! We are always on the hunt for the freshest plant bases ingredients to create our products. The key to all natural products is to ensure the products are potent and as fresh as possible. we also do not use any preservatives in our products.

    The shelf life of our products is ~12 months. our product also do not use any preservatives

    You bet! We aim to eliminate as much packaging from all of our products. All packaging is 100% recyclable, and can be brought back to retail locations to be recycled as well.

    YES! Besides using oils such as canola and Coconut oil, most of our mixes can be made using applesauce or nut butters.

    On average, our mixes take only ~15 minutes to make!

    Put the mix in a microwavable mug, pour in some plant-based milk and pop it in the microwave then ENJOY! 

    Our cookie mixes make ~14-18 cookies depending on size.

    Our pancake mix makes ~15 4" pancakes. It is measured out to last 3 mornings of 5 pancakes worth. However you can also customize the amounts or make the whole bag at once.

    The muffin mix makes 12 full sized muffins or ~18 mini muffins.

    Order Information

    Please allow us 1-2 busines days to pack and ship out your order. Orders placed after 3pm (CST) will ship the next business day.

    Our shipping rates are determined by location and the total weight of your order. Shipping rates will be calculated and displayed at checkout!

    email us at, or visit our contact page and fill our a contact form for any information regarding your order! We’re happy to answer questions about Orders, Order Modifications, Shipping, Returns, & Cancellations.

    If you’re not happy with a certain product, that’s okay! You can return items up to 30 days after the date it was shipped. If products arrived damaged, we can issue a refund or replacement.

    Our products are not made with ingredients that include any animal byproducts, and they do not require you to use animal by-products (such as eggs and dairy) to create the finished baked good. We also use Gluten-Free flours, and produce our products in a peanut free facility. no Soy is used in the creation of our products as well.

    Refund policy/Other

    If you’re not satisfied with the end product or if something went wrong while baking, email us at within 14 days of receiving your order and we’ll send you a brand new product or a refund.

    As of June 2019, we're exclusively partnering with Food For LifeGlobal, the largest vegan hunger relief in the world, and their new program called FeedOm. Through this, we'll be matching every Coconut Whisk purchase with one vegan meal for an animal and kid in need. We now can guarantee our customers that they've made a measurable and positive impact through their purchases. We're not another company that has a vague social promise. We want to show you exactly what we do and exactly how each purchase contributes.