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Life is too short for messy kitchens and recipe fails from Pinterest


"These are quality baking products that make anyone look like an amazing baker."

Nicole Olsen, Mankato Vegan

"The chocolate chip cookie mix is my absolute favorite! I just can’t get enough of it!"

Elizabeth Goodwyn, PRIMP Boutique

"The best cookies I have ever ate. 10 out of 10 would recommend!"

Jackson Jones, Fingrprint

"Healthy living shouldn't have to be hard, and this company makes it easy!"

Amanda Burrell, White Ivy Events

We have a human need to find, create & share.

 Baking is a simple and empowering way to do just that.

The Happiness Plan

1. Get your kitchen essentials ready. Baking mitts, a whisk etc..

2. Be sure to have coconut oil, vanilla extract, plant-based milk and a liquid sweetener on hand

3. Order the items that you're craving the most

4. Prepare in minutes + enjoy

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Not only were we excited for this new project together, we wanted others to have the same feelings of connection, bliss and pure joy in the kitchen. In other words, we wanted to share all the fun!

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