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About Us


While in college, Myles and Bella went #vegan because they saw how positively impactful it was for their health, the environment, animals and planet. Wanting to help promote this lifestyle, they created Coconut Whisk, a proudly vegan baking mix company that would give back. 

What began as a simple idea that started in their college apartment has evolved into a forward-thinking lifestyle brand and business that matches every purchase with a plant-based meal for a kid in need.

Note from Bella (Founder/CEO) 

"Coconut Whisk's humble beginning started in the Spring of 2018. As a senior in college without business degrees, investment money or any experience in running a business in general, Myles and I hesitantly entered our big idea and recipes into a business competition held on campus...

To our surprise, we walked away winning 1st place in the Food Division!

From that moment on, we knew we had something special to share."

Fast forward to today...

  • Our mission is to make the world a better place... one vegan meal at a time. 
  • Our grand vision is to donate 1 million vegan meals to children in need through our partnership with Food For Life Global. 


🌟 How can I get involved and support Coconut Whisk?🌟 

Your involvement means everything to us. To be a part of this journey, here are a few things that you can do to support Coconut Whisk:

  1. Sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of the page (you’ll be the first to know about updates, giveaway, deals, events and more!)
  2. Follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram
  3. Spread the word to your family, friends, coworkers, community!


On behalf of Coconut Whisk, we're happy to be sharing our mission and recipes with you! Cheers to your most satisfying life! 

with love,

Bella, Myles & Team Coconut Whisk





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