About Us


Coconut Whisk started with a simple vision that evolved into something far beyond our dreams. 

It all started with an epiphany in the shower. It was 2018, on a snowy January night. I remember feeling like electricity was running through my body when the idea arrived. After years of wishful thinking, planning, brainstorming and failed attempts at business~ the idea for a vegan baking mix company felt SO right.

I grabbed my plush towel, ran out of the bathroom and excitedly told Myles about it. He thought I was crazy. I already had a pen & paper in hand, drawing up our action plan.

Starting a business was probably not the most "logical" decision at the time. Neither of us had a business degree, we were in the middle of our senior year of college, we had no experience in the food industry (besides working in cafes) and we barely had any money to pay rent. 

But I couldn't shake this feeling. I didn't know all the answers but I was ready for the unknown.

And so with my little experience as a vegan blogger, our vision to give back, and a network of trusted peers ~ our great adventure began.


Growing up, baking was my favorite way to spend my days. When Myles and I first started dating, baking was what brought us closer together. It was (and still is) one of our favorite ways to bond. All our happiest memories were created in the kitchen so naturally, we wanted to bring that to the people around us.

After that shower epiphany, Myles and I have been hustling hard to make this dream a reality. We tested and developed recipes, built prototypes from scratch, attended small business workshops, asked for mentorship, searched for suppliers, and the list goes on and on…

We’ve had tough days but we’ve also had some really amazing ones as a result of this venture. We are excited to see where this idea will lead us and can’t wait to continue to share our favorite recipes with you and your family.

What have we accomplished?

Along with creating a solid foundation for our startup (in regards to legal, financials, finding a commercial kitchen, getting licensed, business plans etc) here are a few milestones that Coconut Whisk has proudly achieved:

  • One Million Cups Featured Presentation Speakers
  • 2018 Big Ideas Challenge Ag/Food/Beverage 1st Place Winner
  • 2018 Minnesota State University Mankato Youth Entrepreneurship Fair 1st Place Winner
  • May 2018; Launched our website, celebrated with a lil' party, featured on Mankato Free Press and MSU Reporter
  • July 2018, Partnered with our first retail deal~ Hilltop Hyvee Mankato!
  • August 2018, Featured speaker at MBV's Annual Luncheon (500+ attendees)
  • September 2018, TC Veg Fest Vendor!
  • November 2018, a Cover feature on River Valley Woman Magazine!

How can I get involved and support Coconut Whisk?

Your involvement means everything to us. To be a part of this journey, here are a few things that you can do to support Coconut Whisk:

  1. Sign up for our email newsletter (you’ll be the first to know about updates, giveaway, deals, events and more!)
  2. Follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram
  3. Email us (hello@coconutwhisk.com) with any questions/comments/ideas. 
  4. Spread the word to your family, friends, coworkers, community!

We're so grateful to have you with us on this journey.

Live simply and love well,

Myles & Bella