We started Coconut Whisk in our college apartment. Finishing our final semester - we spontaneously entered a business competition being held on campus. We ended up winning the Food & Agriculture division with our idea, and used the money to buy our first batch of ingredients and packaging!


We launched at our first retailer and started selling at farmers markets around Minnesota. We landed in a commercial kitchen as demand started to grow!


2020-2022 were the years of brand identity and expansion. We revamped our marketing and sales strategy + launched new packaging to expand into more stores across the midwest. in 2021 COCONUT WHISK CAFE launched in downtown Minneapolis! We had to expand our manufacturing to met the new demand - so we moved into our own space and bought our own equipment!


The year of big business growth and lot's of travel. We attended a national Tradeshow, launched in larger retailers with regional and national reach, started our fundraising journey, and went through a business accelerator!

we're ready for you 2024!