About Us


Myles and I (Bella) were tired of not spending time together doing what we loved… which was baking. With heavy college class loads, jobs, active roles in the community and a rescue pup to look after~ quality time was not something on the agenda.

But after an “ah ha” moment in January of 2018, we realized that it was time to launch our dream business together.

Even without business degrees, investment money or any experience of running a company, we still dreamed BIG. Our vision was for Coconut Whisk to be THE #1 vegan baking mix company made for the modern & conscious lifestyle.

Not only were we excited for this new project together, we wanted others to have the same feelings of connection, bliss and pure joy in the kitchen. We wanted to share all the fun! Because there’s something very special about turning off your cell phone, clearing your schedule and staying in to bake with your loved ones

It’s these sweet moments that truly make life magical.

We made a commitment that we’d make baking mixes so easy and effortless... anybody can join in! And that’s exactly what we did. On behalf of Coconut Whisk, we genuinely hope you love our baking mixes just as much as we do. They’re always made with love and you in mind.

What have we accomplished?

Along with creating a solid foundation for our startup (in regards to legal, financials, finding a commercial kitchen, getting licensed, business plans etc) here are a few milestones that Coconut Whisk has proudly achieved:

  • One Million Cups Featured Presentation Speakers
  • 2018 Big Ideas Challenge Ag/Food/Beverage 1st Place Winner
  • 2018 Minnesota State University Mankato Youth Entrepreneurship Fair 1st Place Winner
  • May 2018; Launched our website, celebrated with a lil' party, featured on Mankato Free Press and MSU Reporter
  • July 2018, Partnered with our first retail deal~ Hilltop Hyvee Mankato!
  • August 2018, Featured speaker at MBV's Annual Luncheon (500+ attendees)
  • September 2018, TC Veg Fest Vendor!
  • November 2018, a Cover feature on River Valley Woman Magazine!

How can I get involved and support Coconut Whisk?

Your involvement means everything to us. To be a part of this journey, here are a few things that you can do to support Coconut Whisk:

  1. Sign up for our email newsletter (you’ll be the first to know about updates, giveaway, deals, events and more!)
  2. Follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram
  3. Email us (hello@coconutwhisk.com) with any questions/comments/ideas. 
  4. Spread the word to your family, friends, coworkers, community!

We're so grateful to have you with us on this journey.

Live simply and love well,

Myles & Bella