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The Perfect 4 Steps to Get Ready for Fall

  • Revamp Your Closet
  •  As it’s getting cooler, this is your time to start switching out your summer pieces and layer on some warm clothes. Consider donating or selling your unwanted clothes that you’ve been piling up in your storage.Look on Pinterest to Youtube for inspirations of what style you are striving for. The best place to shop would be at your local thrift store or in your own parents’ closet for more affordable and unique pieces. This is the perfect time to remake your entire style and pick the real your new alter ego.

  • Self Care Night
  • Not only is it good to dress up externally, it is equally or even more important to internally get yourself ready. It begins with healing your inner mind and body. Wind down by taking a warm bath and lighting up some fall candles for a cozy and comforting mood. Journal your heart out and jot down some last few goals before the end of the year. Reflect on what you’ve accomplished and what it is you are still in the process of working on. Furthermore, self care can’t end without putting on your favorite show. What’s the best way to get in the fall mood? Put on your favorite comfort show like the Gilmore Girls or classics like When Harry Met Sally. It is always good to relax by having something that’s familiar and warms your heart.

  • Stock Up On Fall Goodies
  • Who doesn’t love the fresh and crisp smell of fall? Stop by your nearest grocery and bundle up on the fall essentials: candles, pumpkin baking mixes, house decors, to seasonal fall sweets. Particularly, Trader Joe’s endless fall collection of pumpkin oat milk to the maple sea salt kettle corn are a must try! Don’t forget to also stop by your nearest cafe for a seasonal fall drink like pumpkin chai latte on the way to work.

  • Spend Time With Your Loved Ones
  • The best way to spend more time with your loved ones is through cooking and baking. The easy and interactive dish would be cooking a warm serving of hotpot to get ready for the colder days. It is the best way to fill your tummy and heart to its full content. After dinner, there’s always room for dessert! Whoop out your favorite fall baking mixes like Coconut Whisk’s pumpkin spice mug cake or the regular vegan chocolate chip cookie mix for a fun and bonding time. Feel free to put on your favorite fall vibe songs while you and your loved ones cook up the meals as well!

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