Things We Should be Thankful For This Upcoming Thanksgiving

1. Mother Nature: We often discredit and overlook the beauty of the world around us simply because we believe it will always be there with us. While we hope such beliefs hold true, the ever changing world unfortunately does not hold true. During this giving month, I hope for us to take in the colorful wonders of mother nature: from the warmth of natural sunlight, hues of refreshing blues from the bodies of water, to the endless textures of flowers. With the pandemic, I soon realized how much I took Mother Nature for granted by not appreciating the fresh air and ability to freely connect with the outside world. Hence, let us take just seven seconds of our day to breathe in the fresh air and be in touch with Mother Nature. The need to increase the exposure to sustainable living for our planet starts with you

2. Family & Friends & Acquaintances

Besides from nature, we sometimes take our loved ones for granted and believe that their existence is everlasting. While it may seem cruel, nothing is everlasting and so are the people that you love. After losing my grandpa, my closest best friend, I realized how much guilt and longing filled my mind. No matter how many times I’ve said I love you to him, I should have said ten, thousands, millions times more than that. This experience taught me to value every moment I have with the people I hold dearly or simply know of. Human connection is the most important beauty of this world and we all should value it to our best ability

3. Ourselves

I believe giving thanks to those around us is important; however, we don't truly appreciate others without loving ourselves first and foremost. We often praise others and raise them to a pedestal while pushing ourselves beneath. We should in turn see the beautiful flaws and mistakes in ourselves as learning experiences rather than being ashamed of it. No one is perfect in this world and so stop being so harsh on yourself. Take credit for the steps you’ve taken whether it’s big or little. The next time you are discrediting your amazing works, think of  the image of  your younger self and imagine how you would speak to them. One often wouldn’t shame kids for doing something wrong; similarly, we shouldn’t do the same to ourselves. As a reminder, be kind to yourself and you are doing amazing!

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