It's API-Heritage Month and we want to highlight some of our favorite (but not all) Asian Pacific Islander Founded brands that are vegan, cruelty free and better-for-you! 

By: Nam D.


SACHEU BEAUTY: Sarah Cheung, the founder, incorporates her traditional Hong Kong facial rollers and Gua Sha rituals as the backbone of Sacheu Beauty’s products. Sacheu Beauty develops 100% stainless steel tools that are eco-friendly for the environment unlike the excessive mining of Jade or Quartz. Stainless steel is non-porous which protects the soft barriers on your skin and prevents bacteria from spreading. The Gua Sha serum along with the face rollers, filled with essential fatty acids and lipids, began the foundation of Sacheu Beauty’s products and the many complimentary products within the skincare kits.


COCOKIND:  Cocokind provides consumers with environmentally friendly, minimal, and reasonable prices skincare products. The founder, Priscilla Tsai, understands the mental aspects that come with skin-related issues as she develops Cocokind to cater to all skin types and challenge the stereotypical beauty industry. She hopes to incorporate Cocokind into everyone’s daily routine and to remind them that they are enough. Cocokind impact foundation also provides financial grants to women entrepreneurs in suitability, wellness, and health industries 

HERO COSMETIC: Hero Cosmetics strongly advocates for gentle and minimal ingredients in skincare products for people of all backgrounds. Ju Rhyu, the CEO, develops Hero Cosmetic’s best-selling Mighty Patch from her first experience using the gentle hydrocolloid patch in South Korea. These pimple patches effectively reduce long-lasting pimples and so began the birth of Hero Cosmetics and the many products to come. Now, Hero Cosmetic products range from pimple patches to daily cleansers and body care.

Aavrani- Rooshy Roy, the founder, develops Aavrani as she reconnects with her Indian beauty rituals from her grandma when she was younger. These raw and natural ingredients of turmeric to coconut milk upon her glowy skin. Rooshy hopes that Aavrani will remind all women of their unique features and to be comfortable in their skin. Thus, connects with her roots while re-discovering the importance of prioritizing a healthy mind-body-soul through a skincare ritual using Aavrani. 

BLUME: Blume’s Clean Certified in using natural and clean ingredients for every woman's body, skin, and period care routine. Taran and Bunny, the two sister founders, hope to destigmatize puberty-related experiences from periods to acne through their healthy and not perfect skin motto. Particularly, every portion of sale proceeds to @daysforgirls, an organization that provides girls education on useful period resources. 


MINGSBINGS: The James Beard award winner, Chef Ming Tsai, advocates for a plant-based diet incorporating vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free ingredients in the process of helping his wife heal from her Stage 4 lung cancer. He believes in ingredients that fuel one’s mind and body, stating food is medicine. Mingsbings is known for their plant-based bing, a traditional Chinese flatbread that is savory and rich with nutrients.  Portions of Mingsbings’ profit is donated to Family Reach and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund, organizations that provide cancer diagnosis to families suffering from financial needs. Furthermore, Mingsbings claim to use environmentally friendly insulations, Green Cell Foam and TemperPack-Clima Cell, all are minimal in packaging for the planet. 


THE HERBIVOROUS BUTCHER: Aubrey and Kale Walch, the sister-brother duo founders, started The Herbivorous Butcher to deliver delicious vegan meats to people around the world in their effort to decrease the detrimental environmental impact of animal consumption. Specifically, The Herbivorous Butcher vows to provide enough Vitamin B and proteins that other meat alternatives lack to best fuel consumers with a healthy mind and body. Aubrey and Kale also opened the Herbie Butcher’s Fried Chicken in South Minneapolis and launched their non-profit farm sanctuary, Herbivorous Acres, to educate more people on animal agriculture and farming.

YISHI FOODS- Yishi means a ritual, Lin Jiang believes that consuming whole foods shouldn’t be a routine, but bits of joy in one’s daily life. The founder, Lin Jiang, uses her mother’s traditional Chinese black sesame porridge as the inspiration for the oatmeals of Yishi Foods, which carries more authentic and unique flavors compared to regular American oatmeals. Yishi Foods provides proteins and nutrient-dense oatmeal within every bowl. The Yishi oatmeal flavors range from Toasted Black Sesame to Taro Bubble Tea that is serve as a meal or snack to each and everyone’s ow taste. 

DANG’S FOODS: Dang’s Foods provides authentic Thai street snack-inspired rice chips, Keto Friendly Bars and famous Coconut Chips to one’s nearest local grocery store and on Amazon. Vincent and his brother, Andrew, incorporated their traditional Thai heritage to transform the typically Asian-American snacks into unique flavors. From their family farms in Thailand, Dang’s Foods are ethically sourced and is considered to be a Certified B Corp, environmentally friendly for the planet.

SNOW MONKEY- Diagnosed with Celiac Disease and other food allergies, the female athlete and founder of Snow Monkey, Rachel Gericke, dives deep into alternative healthy ingredients. Rachel took matters into her own hands as she blended apples and berries with hemp seeds to make her ice cream, providing a delicious yet nutritious indulgence. Snow Monkey is made from fruits, seeds, and superfoods that are Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Nut-Free. These ice cream flavors range from the typical Chocolate to the unique flavors of Matcha Green Tea and Acai Berry. 

Coconut Whisk:

Coconut Whisk promises to provide consumers of all different backgrounds with an all vegan, gluten-free, and healthy food brand. The products range from pancake to cookies to mug cake mixes. Bella and Myles, the founders, started Coconut Whisk from their very own college apartment upon the many late night baking. The founders wish to bring these baking mixes to provide families with healthier indulgences and memorable kitchen experiences. Fast forward today, Bella and Myles opened the Coconut Whisk Cafe in Minneapolis, serving boba drinks and pancake desserts from Coconut Whisk’s very own breakfast mixes. Coconut Whisk now ships online and is in about 950+ stores including Target, Foxtrot and more!

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