Founded by two talented mother and daughter : Kami and Mieko, Hella Nuts proves to  challenge the negative stereotypes that vegan lifestyles are unfit for people of color and instead, a ce. The owner highlights the omnipresence of soy to  incorporate natural ingredients that are filled with heart-warming flavor and unique experience without the harm of any living thing. Hella Nuts provides a well-rounded variety of nuts, seeds, and legumes providing a rich protein and nutritious meal to everyone. Particularly, these alternative meats originate from walnuts and could be topped on burritos, salads, or even pastas.  Support your local businesses from Oakland,CA  and order yourself some Hella Nuts today ! 


Created by Ryan, Collin, and Austin Gill, the three brothers established an all-vegan candle company from soy and coconut wax to be curated towards a variety of consumers. Particularly, the Gill brothers incorporated additional diffusers, wick cutters, to room sprays onto their collection; thus, providing an all-rounded experience to the people “Smell It, Light It, Love It!”. Most notably,  10% of Frères Branchiaux Candle Co.’s  profits all proceeds towards the homeless shelters around the nation. Furthermore, the Gill Brothers value the importance of sustainability when using their products; hence, encourage customers to bring in their own jar for a discount of $1 with every purchase of a candle jar. This is an incredible business to support because who doesn’t love an environmentally conscious way to self-care with lighting a candle at the end of your long day? 


“Make beautiful things in a beautiful way with beautiful people”. NADIYAH SPENCER’s motto for her diaper company, Tinky Poo. As a mother and production expert, Nadiyah wanted to address the lack of black babies within businesses, specifically the diapers industries. TinkyPoo not only increase visibility of babies of color; in addition to its plant-based materials that ensures a safe, sustainable and impactful product. 


Founded by  Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah, the company focuses its production on sustainable artisan fashion brands based in Africa. With the recent CFDA Lexus Fashion Initiative for Sustainability award, Studio 189 is known for its highly environmentally conscious motives and its credible resources. Furthermore, the pieces are made by artisanal communities who use techniques of kente weaving, hand-batik and many more manufacturing techniques. These skills enable an increase of jobs and educational opportunities for the people all around. 

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