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Vegan Chocolate Mint Mug Cake


Author: Sara from The Imperfectly Beautiful Blog / October 11, 2018

I have been in baking mode with the change of season! Fall leads the way into the array of apple, pumpkin, and everything spice! The aroma of my oven fill the air and make my home feel, well, more like home. Time to cozy in and enjoy the warmth near my fireplace, How better to celebrate the time indoors, than to curl up with your very own mug cake!

  Sara / October 11, 2018

It had been so fun playing with the Coconut Whisk mixes. I am amazed at how delicious they are. I am grateful for a clean, delicious product, that is one, safe for my son with allergies, and yet so delicious for the rest of my family. I want to always have these mixes on hand- if you need a sweet, healthy, easy treat, these are the way to go. It’s a local business here in Minnesota, but they offer nationwide shipping! You don’t have to be vegan or have to have food allergies to enjoy these treats! To top it off even more, enter in the code “Beautiful” to receive 15% off your order at their site here! They have all the goods, and you won’t be disappointed! I may be compensated for this post, however, all opinions and add-ins are my own!

These mixes are good with out adding anything to them, but it’s so fun to make them your own! Not to mention, simple and quick!

I love chocolate and mint. It’s like my peanut butter and jelly. I didn’t want to take away from the ease of a mug cake, so this version is barely different than the instructions printed on the product!

I have some of the Young Living Vitality oils, and to be honest never had baked with them before! A drop of peppermint in my cup and we were off to a minty hint of perfection. I’ll also include the measurements for peppermint extract if that is more of your jam!

This mix already is full of chocolaty-goodness but I like to top it off- because there is never too much chocolate! I like the Enjoy Life brand- I know it free of the things my son can’t ingest, it’s a clean product- and certified vegan! If you want to purchase online, click here*a disclaimer, if you purchase an item from this link, I will possibly receive a slight commission. My family is thankful for your support. 

I also don’t own a microwave! So if you are in the same boat as me, have no fear! These mug cakes are quick in the oven as well!

These cakes are fudgy, rich, and chocolate perfection!

I used a ramekin, and the amount perfectly fit. You could also use a mason jar if you don’t have another small baking dish! As far as making in the microwave, you can just use you mug and follow the cooking instructions!

My biggest test is always the little man with the allergies. I would say it was quite a hit!

coconut whisk vegan mug cakes
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