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Vegan + Gluten-free Chocolate Waffles

chocolate vegan waffles

This might be the shortest recipe you've ever seen but it's truly THAT simple! A treat-of-a-breakfast. Whip this up when you're feeling something extra special! 

Vegan + Gluten-free Chocolate Waffles 


1 Coconut Whisk Chocolate Muffin Mix 

1 C plant-based milk 

2 tsp vanilla extract ~optional 



1. In medium bowl, combine mix and plant-based milk together. Try not to overmix!

2. Set aside. 

(Follow directions on waffle maker. If you follow steps below, understand that this might vary the results of your waffles.)

3. Spray waffle maker with cooking oil then preheat until green light turns on. 

4. Add 3/4 cup into center of waffle maker. Close and cook for 5-8 minutes. Steam is perfectly normal! Cook longer for crispier waffles. 

Enjoy and share your creations with us by tagging @coconutwhisk!

Bella + Team Coconut 

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