Why Switching to a Plant-Based Diet is the Best Decision of My Life

I often make dumb decisions and regret the choices in my life. Though, one of the few decisions that I don’t regret would be switching to a complete plant-based diet. This was approximately nine years ago, when my mother decided to transition to eating completely vegetarian for her health benefits and wellbeing. As a meat-eater, I was in shock though I was intrigued by what this new diet entails. I would occasionally try out plates of vegetarian alternatives during dinner and to my surprise, it tasted the same and even better at that. Slowly but steadily, I too also began cutting out meat in my diet and incorporated more alternatives beyond meat. Not only were the vegetarian meals delicious, I reaped the health benefits as my skin started to clear and I felt lighter than normal. I realized how much processed food and red meat negatively affected my wellbeing from within. Specifically, I also felt like I could fly (not literally) and didn’t feel like I was being weighed down. It has been almost ten years since my first transition and I have to say, the hardest step is to start it. Once you begin lessening your meat intake and incorporating more plant-based alternatives in your diet, that is when the process starts to get a lot easier. I definitely faced countless challenges from  families and friends who question my decision on this diet shift and some even were against it. Though, I was able to preserve through this hardship by staying focused on my ethic and values without pointing much about their beliefs. Thus, the nine years flew rapidly past as this transition became an integral part of my life and beyond. I will forever be grateful to my mother for introducing me to this plant-based diet.

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