Gina Fonza || Healthy Little Vittles

What are some things that you're absolutely passionate about? 
Kindness, gratitude, love, respect, wellness both physically and mentally
What do you do? Work/school?
I am a full time stay-at-work mommy! I have a 3 year old and 1 year old that keep me very busy, but I am also a full time blogger and photographer at Healthy Little Vittles (my blog!).
What is your health philosophy?
Healthy looks different for everyone. Not everyone needs to be eating the same foods, as we were all created differently. I urge people to recognize and pay attention to foods that may cause them to feel "off", sluggish, or just downright sick and find other alternatives to keep them feeling their best. Keeping an open mind has helped me to stay positive about my food intolerances and I believe that if I didn't express gratitude for the foods that I CAN eat, then my mental health would also suffer. 
What's your favorite self-care ritual? 
With 2 small children, it's so important to take time for me. I like to do yoga, go to spin class, even taking a long shower all reenergize me. Listening to music also is a way for me to escape daily stressors. At night, I try to put my phone away by 8pm and enjoy my favorite tv shows.
What's one food you could eat every single day?
Hmm.. chocolate (lol), also sweet potatoes and kale!
Who inspires you the most aka your role models?
Honestly?! This may seem cliche... but as a Christian, Jesus is my biggest role model. 
Where is your favorite place to travel to?
I haven't traveled since college, but I LOVED Italy and Australia when I was there :) 
What's a social cause that means the most to you? 
How do you balance your personal life and work?
This is a daily struggle for me to be present as a mom, but also I'm very busy with a neverending to-do list. I make sure I am organized and write out a list each day of a few things that I'd like to accomplish. Then when I cross them off I feel good about being productive. 
Chocolate or peanut butter? 
Pancakes or waffles?
I'm totally team waffle... mmm now I want waffles lol.
Favorite thing about Coconut Whisk?
I love that your products are gluten free AND vegan (among omitting other allergens too!) It's hard to find products like yours :)
Readers are leaders. What are some of your favorite books?
I read the bible every morning!
Any advice you’d like to give to your younger self?
College was so much fun and I'd hate to change it, BUT! I'm not even using my science degree now, I wasted a lot of time, energy and money pursuing a nursing degree. My advice would be to major in the arts, something like photography, or even go to culinary school! 
What are some long term goals that you're currently striving for? 
I really want to make Healthy Little Vittles a lifelong career! I enjoy it so very much. I also want to help other people pursue a healthier lifestyle because we only have this one body, we should treat it with respect so that we can live the best quality of life with the days we are given. And that may look different for everyone, but I always urge people to include more produce, and real, whole foods into their diet while offering themselves a little grace along the way.