Lexi Johnson

Name- Lexi Johnson
Location- Minneapolis, MN


  1. What are some things that you're absolutely passionate about? My passions are always shifting and evolving! It started out with figuring out everything I could about living a conscious vegan lifestyle and sharing my recipes along the way. That was like my “awakening” to what we put into out bodies and on our skin is so important to our overall wellness. Then I ditch hormonal birth control and I’m a huge advocate for sharing my story about how those fake hormones can really mess up your authentic self. After detoxing from hormonal birth control, I found Human Design and it is life changing! Not being dramatic at all. Just like we each have our own unique genetics, we also have our own unique energetics. Human Design gives us a roadmap to our authentic energy. It’s a tool that I share with my clients to connect them with their higher selves and get rid of energy that you are holding onto that isn’t yours. Human design is the shizzz!
  2. What do you do? Work/school? I went to school for Early Childhood Education to become a teacher and my heart is still with the little ones. I found out that teaching in a tradition school is not for me and was sucking my energy. I transitioned to a full time nanny (making more money that I did as a teacher) and it gave me extra energy that I could channel into creating an online business & blog! Now I’m a part time nanny and part time entrepreneur working towards my goals! I offer human design readings for people and in the near future will offer couples readings & parent-child readings. Check me out @highvibehuman in IG for more info on what I do!
  3. What is your health philosophy? I believe in a holistic approach to wellness. It’s all encompassing and all areas must be addressed in order to fully fall into alignment with your authentic self. Ultimately it starts with you. Figure out why you’ve been making choices that don’t serve you (whether that’s with diet, exercise, relationships
  4. What's your favorite self-care ritual? My fav self-care ritual is taking the time to do nothing. Just unwind and chill without technology or feeling pressure to be productive. This has been how I end my days recently and it’s perfect!
  5. What's one food you could eat every single day? Peanut butter, hands down!
  6. Who inspires you the most aka your role models? Honestly Bella, you are a huge inspo to me! I love how you and Miles have created this company and I can see big things happening! But recently I’ve been looking at myself as inspiration as well. Seeing how far I’ve come and trusting that I’m where I’m supposed to be feels really good.
  7. Where is your favorite place to travel to? Anywhere warm by the ocean in the sand.
  8. What's a social cause that means the most to you? Taking care of our planet. The number one thing you can do TODAY is choose vegan.
  9. How do you balance personal life and work? As for the work life balance thing, I’m still figuring it out. When life gets messy, we need to take time for ourselves and that is 100% okay. Self care always comes first, then work.
  10. Chocolate or peanut butter? Peanut butter for sure!
  11. Pancakes or waffles? waffles!! but no waffle maker in the house so pancakes are more frequent.
  12. Favorite thing about Coconut Whisk? It’s hard to pick just one… but they are definitely the best vegan mix company currently available on earth. Plus they're allergen friendly and all the products super frickin' easy to whip together!
  13. Any advice you’d like to give to your younger self? Take care of yourself before you take care of others (period).
  14. What are some long term goals that you're currently striving for? Creating the space where High Vibe Human can be my full time income by helping couples, parents, children, and individuals understand how their unique energy flows and harnessing their power to live their most authentic lives.
  15. Health = Wealth. Do you agree? YES! Exactly like that because Wealth doesn’t not necessarily equal Health.