Nicole Nelson

Name- Nicole Nelson
Location- Minneapolis, MN

    1. What are some things that you're absolutely passionate about? Cooking, baking, pushing myself physically (I LOVE working out!), reading about self-development, mentoring others, 
    2. What do you do? Work/school? I'm a certified Health Coach, Business Coach, and host of the Health is Wealth Podcast.
    3. What is your health philosophy?  My holistic approach to nutrition and wellness goes beyond the food you put in your body. It takes a holistic view of all areas of your life, such as stress, relationships, sleep, and movement.  My philosophy, in a nutshell, is to live mindfully, eat more plant-based foods, exude confidence, and feel beautiful.    
    4. What's your favorite self-care ritual? Treating myself to an almond milk latte from my favorite coffee shop and reading a good book.
    5. What's one food you could eat every single day? Avocado - and I do eat one every single day!
    6. Who inspires you the most aka your role models? My dad is my biggest role model. He is the most driven, dedicated, and disciplined person I know. I've always looked up to his incredible work ethic. 
    7. Where is your favorite place to travel to? I've been to Europe a couple of times and Paris was absolutely magical. I can't wait to go back
    8. How do you balance personal life and work? I take the weekends off. It sounds simple, but as an entrepreneur, it's really easy to work ALL the time because I'm so passionate about what I do. In my earlier days when I was just getting my business off the ground, I used to work through the weekends are rarely make time to do things for fun! Now, I've learned that taking the weekend to focus on spending time with my family and friends help me head into the following week feeling more energized and productive!
    9. Chocolate or peanut butter? If I had to choose, it would be chocolate, but I love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter :)
    10. Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes
    11. Favorite thing about Coconut Whisk? The ingredients! It's hard to find vegan baking mixes that aren't full of other unhealthy ingredients. 
    12. Any advice you’d like to give to your younger self? The only thing you'll ever regret is not trying. You never know what you're truly capable of until you try! I was never a risk-taker when I was young and now I've learned to embrace taking risks and stepping outside my comfort zone. That's where the magic happens.
    13. What are some long term goals that you're currently striving for? I'm working on a plant-based cookbook that I would love to publish in the next few years. I also have a vision of creating a mastermind for other wellness entrepreneurs and hosting an annual retreat in Minneapolis!
    14. Health = Wealth. Do you agree? Since my podcast is called "Health is Wealth", I 100% agree with this! Health is our greatest wealth because it spans all parts of our lives, such as food, exercise, spirituality, creativity, relationships, finances, etc. Without our health, we can't reach our highest potential in any area of our lives.