Stella The Light

Name: Stella 
Location: originally from PA but traveling the world :P haha
What are some things that you're absolutely passionate about?
Veganism! That is by far my #1 passion. It took root when I went plant based 5 years ago .. not knowing about the vegan movement at the time and slowly learning the facts really rocked my world. I felt amazing eating plant based and the vegan movement just smacked me in the face with the reality of animal agriculture and the environmental impact. Plant based for my health // vegan for the animals! Both of these movements have changed my life and helped me recover from some of the worst habits! I am forever grateful to be a part of veganism and can't wait to see it flourish :) 
What do you do? Work/school? 
I run a plant based coaching business! I have 2 coaching programs and 2 e-books that I run year round and I love every second of it! I started the business on a whim about 3 years ago (I was originally working for my father's graphics business + nannying + working at a bar!) .. I went back to school for dietetics / nutrition and during that time also went plant based vegan!! This business took root and I fell in love with helping people! Now, it is my career and passion! 
What is your health philosophy?
Ahimsa is the basis of what I believe -- doing no harm to any living being (yourself included!) .. and what I call the 5 pillars of health! 1. Food! Eating the right foods/enough/abundantly // not harming yourself or others in the process of obtaining that food! 2. Sleep/Rest. 3. Movement/Activity in nature. 4. Mental health healing/work. 5. Hydration (which I suppose could go hand in hand with food!) ..
I truly believe that if we cater to all of these evenly, the body feels at ease! If 1 or more is off - you will feel like crap! You could be eating the cleanest plant based diet but if you are not sleeping well or you are struggling mentally with stress or anxiety - you will feel LOW!! They all just vibe with each other and while no one is perfect, we can do our best to place energy where energy is needed!! Some folks have an easy time with deep sleep but some struggle hard .. each person handles each pillar differently depending on so many factors (age, genetics, schedule, season of life etc!) .. 
What's your favorite self-care ritual?
This is tough! But to this day I can't get over how much practicing yoga helps me! It truly heals from within .. takes away a lot of the fuzzy / hectic thoughts and releases a lot of that tension... and it's amazing for your physical health, too! Strong core, arms, legs, back and flexibility! :P
What's one food you could eat every single day?
Banana Whips!!! I love ice cream and I love banana ice cream - frozen bananas (and whatever other fruits or flavors you want) whipped up to make a creamy soft serve like ice cream!! I am a sweet tooth girl and this has been a staple meal for me for ages! Lots of toppings / add ons make it a dense, wholesome meal! 
Who inspires you the most aka your role models?
At this stage of life: mothers. My own and so many out in the world. I am intrigued by it and of course can't wait to be a mother myself!! But the idea that a human being can grow a whole human being in her belly will never not blow my mind. Mom's are amazing! ugh! 
Where is your favorite place to travel to?
That is so hard to choose. I have loved every place I have lived so far and I for different reasons! I couldn't decide for the life of me haha. Living in Mexico, on Oahu, on Madeira and here in the PNW have been amazing this past year! I loved Molokai and its slow pace .. Turkey was astonishing on so many levels and I would love to go back for several months! .. and not to mention: I have so many peoples to see still! I love everywhere. oh and home -- traveling has made me appreciate good old Pennsylvania! 
What's a social cause that means the most to you?
Veganism and mental health awareness. I am a firm believer that mental health is the root of a lot of issues going on in the world (mainly eating disorders and drug addictions) -- both of which I have experienced in depth. If only I knew that I just needed a bit more self love, self care, sleep, wholesome food, healthy releases, time in nature etc .. but instead I followed the crowds and did what was 'easiest' .. I think young children should be educated on mental health starting at a very young age. We need to slow down on the ABCs and pick up on intuition, self love, mental health practices etc! 
How do you balance personal life and work?
This is rough! My personal life and work life tend to MESH right now. I have slowly built up a few boundaries with work/personal life out of necessity but am still a BIG work in progress. Working on social media and working for yourself can put you in a weird spot - you never know when you should / can stop working! There is always something that can be done or you feel should be done.
I am working on setting these boundaries in stone! One big one is: instead of working vicariously all day (touch and go // in and out) .. I want to fluidly work for several hours in the morning and then clock out (for the most part!) .. we will see how that goes in the future haha. If anyone has any tips - throw em my way! 
Chocolate or peanut butter?
dang .. how could ask this! lol but I would say peanut butter!
Pancakes or waffles?
I love both - I have pancakes more often but there is nothing like a fluffy, sweet waffle! 
Favorite thing about Coconut Whisk?
I am gonna go ahead and say: Bella. What a passionate, hard working, fun, true to herself woman. I am honored to be even a small part of this beautiful company. Vegan, plant based, giving back to the world where it is needed .. I hope companies like this take OVER the crappy corporate businesses feeding the people chemicals! We can do it!! Purchase with passion <3 
Any advice you’d like to give to your younger self?
Oh for sure: 
1. Dump him... NOW. 
2. Your OCD and Anxiety are normal and special.. work on making them your friends not your enemies! 
3. Do not diet... I repeat: DO NOT DIET. and don't use drugs :P 
4. GO VEGAN (although young me would laugh and say "what's vegan??") 
What are some long term goals that you're currently striving for?
Just to be happy and healthy. Truly. I have no clue what the future holds for me but I do know that this path feels 150% right! 
I don't want anything else in life other than to keep doing whatever it is that makes me feel most at peace, my healthiest and my happiest! Whatever they may be :)