Tiffany Wheelhouse

Name: Tiffany Wheelhouse
Location: Minnesota 
  1. What are some things that you're absolutely passionate about?  I am absolutely passionate about continual growth.  Growth in all aspects of my life.  This includes self, family, career, fitness and relationships.  I am also passionate about educating other people on the importance of small things we can do and change every day that make big global impacts.  
  2. What do you do? Work/school? I have been a hair stylist for the past 15 years and a mother for 14 of those years.  Through the power of social media my business has grown into a lot more and has been re-inspired in a more artistic way which has allowed me to connect with more people.
  3. What is your health philosophy?  My health philosophy is make good choices and if you're being naughty... theres always a better way to be naughty too - want cookies?  HAVE COOKIES!  but make them vegan so the choice doesn't have more impacts on the environment than it needs to.  These days there aren't too many excuses when it comes to treating yourself but doing it in a good way.
  4. What's your favorite self-care ritual?  I am constantly working on making this into more of a practice.  Life gets hectic and it can be difficult to stay consistent.  One thing that seems to always stay consistent is my ability to make it to the gym almost every day.  It is very much a form of therapy for me and gets me focused in the present moment which is very important.
  5. What's one food you could eat every single day?  I love chips and salsa.  I literally could have it everyday, but I also lack in the self control department on this one so I only buy it every now and then.
  6. Who inspires you the most aka your role models?  My dad has always inspired me.  Both of my grandmothers are major inspirations for me as well.
  7. Where is your favorite place to travel to?  In the US I love any place with a mountain range.  Recently I had to ability to visit New Mexico and it was phenomenal.  I've also lived in Colorado which was an amazing experience and I enjoy going back often to visit.  Canada has also become a favorite vacation spot for us.  The most beautiful destination I've been lucky enough to visit so far has been Croatia!  Just stunningly beautiful.  I feel super fortunate to have traveled as much as I have and I have several trips planned for the next year already!  Can't wait!
  8. What's a social cause that means the most to you?  Right now I am focused on teaching people the importance of self awareness.  A little self awareness goes a really long way when you implement tiny changes into your life.  Take a million little tiny steps and suddenly you've walked half way up a mountain which is actually very significant.
  9. How do you balance personal life and work?  This is tough.  I have a lot of moving parts in my life that I am consistently juggling.  I am also a lazy person by nature, I literally love being lazy!!!  I do have te hardest time giving myself a break, letting myself not feel bad about being lazy.  There is so much of me that feels if I was productive every moment of everyday my life would be perfect, the dishes would always be done, my bed would always be made and my daughter would never be the kid that shows up to school without her permission slip.  A mother, a small business owner, an aspiring bigger business owner, a wife, a step mother to 5 additional children, a daughter (yes my parents still insist that I talk to them regularly) and dog mommy.... as well as someone that really values herself and her own time and ability to take care of herself.  So I need, to cook (cooking makes me feel happy and healthy) and workout.  It's the best when I feel like I can lump several of these things together, but it's not always possible.  I've mainly decided that my work days in the salon are dedicated to work days and the days outside of work I dedicate to all of the other parts of my life which means I do have to ask for help on those days I'm stuck behind the chair making my clients feel beautiful.  That includes occasionally ordering delivery food from agra-culture kitchen.  
  10. Chocolate or peanut butter?  chocolate all the way
  11. Pancakes or waffles?  pancakes 100%
  12. Favorite thing about Coconut Whisk?  I can finally become that mom who bakes for her children and I can do it without it being 'weird and vegan"  The cookies look like cookies and taste like cookies and I don't have to explain them lol.
  13. Any advice you’d like to give to your younger self?  I don't know that I would give myself any advice.  Which maybe sounds weird.. but without all of my stupid mistakes I wouldn't have learned all of the crucial life skills I use now.  If my younger self met me today and she asked me "what advice do you have for me"  I would likely give her a chuckle and say "you're in for one hell of a ride, get ready because it's going to blow your mind"
  14. What are some long term goals that you're currently striving for?  My current long term goal that I am working on is creating a life that fulfills the work life balance idea a little better.  I have become very ware that I am ready to step into another role in the salon.  A role of ownership and education where I can create an environment where other creative inspiring souls can thrive and I can support their dreams.  I want to have a small vacation home out west that I visit frequently and that would requite a little less hands on time in the salon and I am very ready for that.
  15. Health = Wealth. Do you agree?  yes!  You have nothing without your health.  Marrying someone older than me has made me value the effort it takes to live a long healthy life. Youth will only hide a tragedy of a lifestyle for so long.  Healthy brain, healthy body healthy soul means a very abundant life.